The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

Title: The Lost Prince
Author: Julie Kagawa
Series: The Iron Fey – The Call of the Forgotten
Date Started: January 13
Date Finished: January 20
Format: ebook from the digital library

Thirteen years since the events of The Iron Knight and things are still not well in the Nevernever. But this time instead of following Meghan and Ash, The Lost Prince follows the journey of Ethan Chase – Meghan’s brother – and he isn’t the cute little kid we last saw in The Iron Queen. Because of his dealings with faery in the past, they won’t leave him alone no matter how hard he tries to live a normal life. Due to this, he has taken on a ‘bad boy/rebel without a cause’ personality and it’s really kind of freaky. Is this really the same kid who caused Meghan to go into the world of Faery in the first place?

When The Lost Prince begins, Ethan is starting at another new school and is trying to go unnoticed. But on the first day that really gets screwed up. First, a girl named Kenzie talks to him and he actually talks back to her even though he thinks she’s part of the popular crowd. Then, he breaks up a fight between the jocks and a nobody named Todd who turns out to be a half-breed. Due to Ethan’s Sight he can see what Todd really is and Todd instantly takes notice. So much for laying low.

It turns out that Todd is into something really nasty concerning some sort of new breed of fey. Eventually – despite Ethan’s best efforts – Todd goes missing and Ethan gets tugged into the whole mess. Whatever came after Todd is now coming after him too, and they do so at one of Ethan’s competitions with Kenzie in the same room. Not knowing what to do, he pulls Kenzie with him into the Nevernever and he begins a journey that he never thought that he would go on.

After everything that happened in The Iron Knight I was really hoping that The Lost Prince was going to focus on Meghan and Ash’s son. Instead you get Ethan, who is an okay narrator, but man does he have a nasty chip on his shoulder because of what his sister and Ash put him through. Around page 300 when he brings it up again for like the umpteenth time I really wanted to shout at him to get the hell over it. He doesn’t understand why Meghan did the things that she did…not until the end of the book anyway. This book lacked it’s usual witty banter and had more of ‘poor me’ vibe going on that I didn’t care for. Not until Ethan finally accepts the journey that he needs to go on and realizes that he can’t outrun the fey forever.

Grimalkin also saved this book with his witty ‘I am a cat’ reasoning and Meghan and Ash’s son – Keirran – does show up eventually to help out his uncle with his quest to figure out what these new type of fey are. I have to admit the scene where Keirran reveals that he is Ethan’s nephew is quite hilarious.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. Ethan took some getting used to as a narrator. The ending kind of didn’t feel finished. Hoping that the next book is better and has more Meghan, Ash, and Keirran in it.

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