Need by Carrie Jones

51v80e45qgl-_sx323_bo1204203200_Title: Need
Author: Carrie Jones
Series: Need
Date Started: January 8
Date Finished: January 13
Format: ebook from the digital library

Usually when I start a new book, I take a quick glance at the reviews on Goodreads. Sometimes by reading those reviews I get a small idea of what to expect from this book and the probability of whether or not I’m going to like what I read. I also take those reviews with a grain of salt because not everybody likes the same kind of style, genres, etc. that I do. But when it came to Need, I think I should have listened to the reviews.

Zara has just moved to Maine to live with her grandmother after the death of her step-father/father (already losing points). She’s been a mess since his death and she also has this weird ability to remember phobias. She knows that she is strange it doesn’t help either that she keeps seeing this guy following her around. But she feels slightly better when her grandmother sees him too. She doesn’t really want to go to school the next day. But her grandmother makes her.

At school, Zara meets some friendly people already. Ian, Nick – who she thinks is really cute – Issie, and her kind of sort of boyfriend Devyn. But there are also the mean girls too, like Meghan who for no apparent reason hates Zara on sight. But something strange is going on in this small town, and it all has to deal with the guy who has been following Zara around. Does she have it in her to unravel the mystery and face whatever it entails?

So this book was really, really weird. It starts off weird with a lot of internal monologue from Zara. I get where she’s coming from, losing a loved one is hard and that’s part of the reason why I didn’t like this book to begin with. Stop killing off dads in YA, authors! It gets weirder with the guy that she keeps seeing following her around, and Need seriously reaches the epitome of weird when one of Zara’s classmates goes missing, her stalker whispers to her ‘to come to him’ and golden sparkles start showing up. Seriously. Let that sink in for a minute. GOLDEN. SPARKLES. Someone was a little bit too inspired by certain vampires who glitter in the sun. Just saying.

Unfortunately the similarities don’t end there. The mysterious stalker of Zara’s turns out to be a pixie king who needs his queen – Zara – to survive or else his powers/hunger starts to overcome him and he needs to ‘feed on young boys.’ What this entails is literally draining the boys of their blood. Uh, I thought pixies were only supposed to be mischievous little demons, not bloodsuckers? Thankfully, Zara has an army around her, one that she doesn’t really know about. Nick is a werewolf – who totally saw that coming? – her grandmother is a were-tiger, and Devyn is a were-eagle. *Twilight Zone theme begins to play*

Turns out too that the pixie king was the dude in the window the night her step-father died, and the reason behind all that is… *big dramatic drum roll* Zara’s step-father was protecting Zara’s mom from the pixie king, apparently seventeen years ago she made a deal with the king to protect the city in Maine. But it didn’t involve a kiss, it involved sex and Zara was the creation of that union. Ugh. I’m starting to get a headache here.

Final Rating: 2 out of 5 stars. There were moments when this book was downright entertaining because it was so ridiculous. But there were other moments that I just wanted to gouge my eyes out with a dull knife because the characters were just so…I don’t know the word…silly? Take Nick’s reaction to finding out Zara was indeed part pixie. He gets angry and storms off and then comes back and apologizes, but she forgives him quickly anyway. Uh? What? This book is part of a series, but I think I’m going to save myself the trouble of reading the rest of them.

Bookshelf worthy? Run away. No, really, don’t even waste your time.


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