First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost

Title: First Drop of Crimson
Author: Jeaniene Frost
Series: Night Huntress World
Date Started: January 1
Date Finished: January 8
Format: ebook from the digital library

Between Book 4 and 5 of The Night Huntress series, Cat’s friend Denise was pretty busy. After losing her husband to the ghoul/zombie/vampire war, she promised herself that she would never get involved with the paranormal world ever again. How quickly promises change. After the surprising death of her cousin, she goes out with another cousin after the funeral for a drink. He confesses that he doesn’t believe that their cousin died from a heart attack – who dies from one at 23? – and that he feels like he’s being watched recently. Denise waves it off, until they leave the bar and a man attacks her cousin. She can’t believe what she’s seeing, her cousin is dying from a heart attack and did his attack really just turn into a dog?

Not sure what to do, but knowing that the police don’t believe her, she tries calling Cat and Bones, but their numbers are out of service. At a loss of who else to call, she calls the last person who could possibly help her – Spade. She explains what she saw, and even he doesn’t believe her, but he promises to come by and check it out anyway because he knows Cat would never forgive him if he doesn’t. After that phone call, her cousin’s attacker comes into her house and wants to know what her connections are to vampires. Because she might be able to help him with something.

His name is Raum and he’s a demon, a few centuries ago one of Denise’s relatives many times over summoned him and reneged on his part of the deal, sending Raum back to hell. Raum wants this relative – Nathanial – and if he doesn’t get him he’ll continue to kill off members of Denise’s family. To make sure she doesn’t just pack up her remaining members and go into hiding he brands her with part of his demon essence so that way he can always find her.

Spade shows up to find Denise unconscious with the demon brands and her house smelling of sulfur. He believes her story now and swears to help her find Nathanial, no matter the cost. Denise doesn’t understand that this more than just because she’s Cat’s best friend. And it takes them most of the book to realize their shared attraction towards each other and their true feelings about the opposite species.

Compared to the other books in The Night Huntress series, this one was kind of a bore. It didn’t get too interesting until Spade started dealing with the ‘Red Dragon’ and Denise started showing signs of not only her new demon powers but her attraction to Spade as well. I missed Cat’s sarcastic banter. Denise was too cynical for my tastes – although she does have a good reason to be with the death of her husband and the miscarriage – but still she needed to lighten up a little bit. She also needed to get a clue. I can’t believe she really thought that a vampire who was in love with her would just let her keep living her normal human life. He would want her to change and she totally threw a tantrum that wasn’t really necessary.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Missed Cat’s sarcastic wit, but still a good read. Watching Spade and Denise fall for each other was quite a comical experience.

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