Dangerous Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

61hpoei2btpl-_sx333_bo1204203200_Title: Dangerous Creatures
Authors: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Series: Dangerous Creatures
Date Started: December 28
Date Finished: December 29
Format: Hardcover from my local library

Dangerous Creatures
is the spinoff series of the Beautiful Creatures quartet. And if you have been living under a rock the last few years the Beautiful Creatures quartet was mostly about Casters – witches – and the tale of Lena and Ethan trying to overcome the obstacles of the Caster and mortal worlds. But instead of following the tales of Lena and Ethan, this series is following – my favorite character from the original – Ridley and her sometimes boyfriend/half Incubus Link. The gang has graduated from high school and is about to go their separate ways, and Ridley seems to be hiding something. Something that involves her current ex-boyfriend Link.

Her plan isn’t revealed until she joins – and gets back together – with him as he journeys off to New York to finally try and make it big as a drummer. The summer before – after Link confessed to being in love with her – Ridley went off to Europe but eventually found her way to a Caster club where she got involved in a high stakes came of Liar’s Chance. She lost and not only does she owe a marker – a drummer – but she also owes a marker to the house, one that makes the holder able to call upon her power, talent, etc. to accomplish one task whenever they want. As she tries to pay up her old debt, she comes face to face with the problem she was running from in the first place and not to mention a familiar face from her past.

So when Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl announced that there was going to be a spinoff series to the Beautiful Creatures books, I wasn’t really too excited. I had just finished reading the whole series and I honestly thought that the books were just okay. There wasn’t really anything too special about them, even though their take on ‘witches’ and there being a dark side and a light side, was kind of intriguing. But when they said the spinoff would focus on Ridley and her tale, I got a little bit more excited. Ridley – a Dark Caster, Lena’s cousin and a Siren – was my favorite character in the original series and I really wanted to know where her story took her.

I kind of wished I left it alone. Don’t get me wrong, the book was good, and it started out great with Ridley’s usual don’t-mess-with-me attitude, but it took a sharp turn when she got back together with Link. I like Link, really, I do, but he’s more of the comedic relief than the serious boyfriend who can change Ridley. But try to change her he does and he fails…some of the time. As for the character of Lennox Gates – the club owner Ridley owes the markers to – I really wanted to see what happened to him. He has a dark, tragic past, and I felt that Ridley could relate to him more than Link. There was something really going between those two and then he gives her up for the greater good and to save her life.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. Dangerous Creatures was a solid start to a new series. It still has its problems that I’m hoping will be worked out in the next book. It still captured my attention, and that ending – what is with these two and cliffhangers? – makes me want the next book stat!

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