Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

21943246Title: Black Ice
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Date Started: December 24
Date Finished: December 26
Format: Hardcover from my local library

Britt and her friend Korbie are doing something a little bit nontraditional for spring break. Instead of going to Hawaii to soak up the rays, they’re going into the mountains in Wyoming to hike. Eight months ago Korbie’s brother broke up with Britt and she’s been spending the whole year training for this very moment. She wants to prove to Calvin that she isn’t the little girl that he left behind when he went to Stanford. But even a simple plan like this has its complications.

On her way to pick up Korbie, she stops for gas and some essentials – snacks and a Slurpee – when she runs into Calvin for the first time. He’s there to convince her that she doesn’t really want to spend the week at the family cabin to hike mountains. She isn’t ready for that. But Britt knows he’s just trying to get out of chaperoning the event and that he shouldn’t worry that things are going to be awkward because she is so over him. She even points out that she’s dating someone new. He doesn’t believe her until she points out a newcomer to the store and says that’s the guy she’s dating. But she doesn’t expect for Calvin to walk up to him and offer congratulations. She also doesn’t expect for the guy to play along.

Feeling slightly weirded out her and Korbie start their journey into Wyoming where they are stuck by an unexpected rainstorm that turns into snow. Their car gets stuck and instead of waiting it out in the car they start walking to find better shelter. They stumble across a cabin and knock on the door. Britt is surprised to find the guy from the gas station there, and being adamant that they not come inside. His friend lets them in anyway and despite the negative vibes coming from the guy – Mason – she and Korbie come in anyway. But they walked into something a little more intense than what they bargained for.

Black Ice was interesting to say the least. Fitzpatrick’s first novel that didn’t have to deal with angels and it was very intriguing. There were a lot of twists, and just when you thought that you knew where the book was going it went in the opposite direction. It wasn’t until she revealed Calvin’s history with his dad that I started to wonder what those attacks did on his psyche. As for Korbie, can’t Fitzpatrick ever write a best friend for her main character who I actually like and who isn’t a colossal pain in the ass? Is that too much to ask? Mason/Jude – whatever his name was – was not the character I was expecting. But that’s okay, he turned into something so much better.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. A little too many twists and turns for my liking. The ending also was kind of…too easy? I mean after all that build up to just have a helicopter come and rescue them and then to have Calvin give up so easily, it was very anticlimactic.

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