The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa

TheForeverSongTitle: The Forever Song
Author: Julie Kagawa
Series: Blood of Eden
Previous Book(s) Review(s):
1. The Immortal Rules
2. The Eternity Cure
Date Started: November 25
Date Finished: November 28
Format: ebook from the digital library

Zeke is dead. Tortured by Sarren until he gave up the location of Eden. Allison is beside herself and has decided to let her inner monster win, now that she doesn’t have Zeke to remind her of her humanity. Kanin, her sire, understands her grief but he is disappointed that she would let the monster win. Jackal, her older brother is ecstatic that his little sister is finally come over to the dark side. That doesn’t stop them from bickering though. Her decision doesn’t change until one night while feeding on a woman, the woman’s child comes in because they had a nightmare. It reminds her of her humanity and she decides that maybe letting her inner monster control her actions isn’t the best idea.

The group’s journey leads them back to Old Chicago where Jackal’s minions are working for a new boss. The three think that it’s Sarren, but when they get to the building it isn’t Sarren who’s waiting for Allison but someone she least expected. It’s Zeke, but not the Zeke she remembered. Zeke has been made into a vampire by Sarren and has also been made into a childs – a vampire who serves its sire completely because it’s been brainwashed. Reeling from the discovery, Allison almost dies by Zeke’s hand and Kanin has to take her away.

When she recovers Kanin and her go back to Old Chicago to rescue Jackal who got left behind and to either turn Zeke back to his old self or to kill him. It’s very close, but Allison succeeds in turning Zeke back to his old self even though he doesn’t like what he’s become. But after some hard reason from Allison he stays off his own execution to go after Sarren who is on his way/already in Eden where a whole new set of problems wait for them.

Here’s another book that drove me absolutely crazy. First off, I didn’t like Allison’s reaction to Zeke’s death. I get that she was already walking a thin line with her monster and that his death pushed her over the edge, but c’mon. Are you that in love with him that you’re willing to lose your humanity over his death? Second off, the pacing in this book was a tad bit slow. There were a few times I found myself skimming passages because there was just too much detail, and it felt like it was delaying from getting to the scene. And finally, the ending drove me crazy. You’re telling me the whole time that character was the cure this whole time? And it took three books to realize that? Seriously?

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Not too bad of an ending for a series. Just wish the pacing had been a little bit faster. Also I totally see a spinoff in the future, maybe with Jackal and Allison or what happens with Allison and Zeke on their next adventure?

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