Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

Title: Dark Triumph
Author: Robin LaFevers
Series: His Dark Assassin Trilogy
Previous Book(s) Review(s):
1. Grave Mercy
Date Started: November 15
Date Finished: November 25
Format: ebook from the digital library

Most sequels that I’ve read over the years usually are a continuation of the first book with the same narrator/main character. Dark Triumph is a little different from Grave Mercy, in that instead of being narrated by Ismae, we’re given a new narrator of Ismae’s Sister Handmaiden Sybella. Sybella has a dark past, a little bit darker than her fellow sister’s. Her task by the abbess of Mortain was to be placed back in d’Albret’s household and see which traitors she can strike down to help the duchess. The only problem with that plan is that being back in d’Albret’s household nearly made her go mad the first time, because she has been claimed as his daughter.

It gets even more complicated when the abbess sends her word that the Beast, which d’Albret has captured at the last battle, must be freed and returned to Rennes. It is a difficult task because she is always being watched by those around her. Her brother Julian holds an unnatural love for her and claims her as his own. One of Sybella’s ladies is in love with Julian and always reports Sybella’s movements to him. But she must rescue him, even if that means her life. What she doesn’t expect, when she does get around to getting him out of the cell – on the brink of death – is for him to kidnap her and take her with him back to Rennes.

All sorts of trouble lies ahead now that Sybella’s cover has been blown. Dark secrets from her past are revealed and she must finally face up to things that she didn’t think that she could ever do.

So I didn’t really love this book as much as I loved Grave Mercy. Sybella’s past is a little too dark for my tastes, and the pacing was also a bit slow. Parts of the storyline were also a bit predictable – the ashamed daughter falls for the not as handsome prisoner she is sworn to free – yawn. However, the twist with some of Sybella’s dark past was a bit interesting.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Still a good book, even if the content was a little too dark and slow for my tastes. I would have liked to seen more of Ismae and Duval.

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