Entwined with You by Sylvia Day

EntwinedwithYouTitle: Entwined with You
Author: Sylvia Day
Series: Crossfire Quintet
Previous Book(s) Review(s):
1. Bared to You
2. Reflected in You
Date Started: October 13
Date Finished: October 21
Format: ebook from my iBooks library

So, your on again off again boyfriend just confessed to murdering your former step-brother who sexually abused you for years. How do you move on from that? That is the question that Eva has to face in this book as she and Gideon try to get on with their lives and relationship with this huge cloud above them.

The police are at a dead end with the Nathan Lane case, and Gideon and Eva are trying to make it look like their reconciliation is slow in the making. Eva can’t tell Cary about what’s going on – even though at the end he does reveal that he knew from the beginning that they were back together – and she has to now deal with the fact that she no longer has the urge to run.

Shockingly I didn’t have that many problems with this book like I did the other two. I really couldn’t have problems with this book considering most of the shitty things that Gideon did last book were to protect Eva. I can’t fault him for that. But I did still have problems with Entwined with You.

Problem #1: Eva’s reactions. Between Gideon’s exes – Corinne is still a problem in this book and a reporter comes out of the woodwork – her father finding out about what Nathan did, her father and mother hooking up, her mother tracking her, and the whole Brett situation, Eva’s reactions are all over the place. She gets very angry and moody when she should play it calm and cool.

Problem #2: Brett. While intriguing in the last book, he was just down right annoying in this one. I get that he thinks that Eva is still single because of what’s going on with Gideon, but jeez. Why can’t the guy take a hint that she just got out of a serious relationship, she isn’t quite ready to rebound yet. And even when she reveals that she’s going to be giving Gideon another chance, that just gives Brett ammo to ask for a second chance too. I really hope that him and Tatiana end up together in the end. Those two deserve each other.

Problem #3: The weekend getaway. After everything Eva and Gideon had been through they deserved a quiet vacation away. And considering how their last vacation went I was really excited for them to getaway. But then things turned kind of intense. Not only with the anal sex she pushes him into, but then the marriage proposal and then the wedding! Uh, guys? Haven’t you heard of a relaxing vacation? Lazy days hanging around in bed watching movies? Not anal play and getting married within twenty-four hours of proposal. Yikes.

Problem #4: The pre-nup. Okay, I get that because Gideon is really wealthy he would want to protect himself in the event that he or Eva really fuck up the relationship. But to serve it with breakfast the morning after the engagement, kind of classless. Also did I really read the whole thing right? He was going to pay her for marrying him, then pay her again for each child she gave him, and then again for each year she’s with him? Uh…what?

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Eva and Gideon actually worked through a lot of their issues in this book. They have really matured since the first book, and I’m kind of curious as to why Anne Lucas showed up there at the end.

Bookshelf worthy? I own a digital copy.


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