Reflected in You by Sylvia Day

ReflectedinYouTitle: Reflected in You
Author: Sylvia Day
Series: Crossfire Quintet
Previous Book(s) Review(s):
1. Bared to You
Date Started: October 12
Date Finished: October 13
Format: ebook from my iBook library

The sexscapades of Gideon and Eva continue in this new installment, and the two most come to grips again with their neuroses. And like the first book, Reflected in You drove me absolutely crazy. Also like the first book, this review is going to be different from what I usually do. Since I own this book on my iPad, I take advantage of the notes and highlight feature, but with this book I had to reign in my note taking and highlight, or else this whole book would have just bled yellow.

Note #1: “He broke my heart every day. Shattered me (pg. 29).” Okay so in this quote, Gideon and Eva are discussing his ‘type’ and how he believes it’s all because of his own ex fiancé Corinne. He doesn’t want to lose Eva and he’s afraid that she’s just a dream that he’s come up with and when he wakes up in the morning she’ll be gone. Eva’s reaction is just pathetic. If Gideon says things like that every day that end up breaking and shattering her, then why is she still with him? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this relationship isn’t healthy for either party.

Note #2: “Most interactions between us lead to sex,” I conceded, “including fights.” “Before or after the conflict is considered resolved by both of you?” I sighed, “Before (pg. 62).” Finally, Eva and Gideon attend a couple’s therapy session with Eva’s regular therapist Dr. Petersen. This session came at a fantastic time, as Eva and Gideon have been fighting over what she saw when she was on her way back to lunch that day. It was Corrine coming out of the Crossfire building looking mussed. And when Eva went up to his office, he had just taken a shower, the pillow of the couch was on the floor, the couch had moved, and the shirt he discarded had a lipstick stain on it. She accuses him of sleeping around, but he doesn’t atone. While they’re discussing this, Eva finally comes to the shocking conclusion that these fights usually end up with the two of them having sex and don’t really resolve anything. Yeah, how do you not realize that this is a bad thing? Especially when you go on and on about trying to resolve your issues?

Note #3: “As if it could’ve ended up any other way when we were both naked and running our hands all over each other (pg. 71).” So after Eva has a traumatic nightmare that involved her history with her stepbrother, she is violently ill. She goes to take a shower to wash away the sickness, and Gideon – who was there before to wake her from that nightmare – takes care of her. He washes her hair and body. It’s a really tender moment, but as usual their libidos get the best of them and that’s when Eva thinks that thought above. I’m sorry, but it could have ended a different way if you two could somehow exalted some self control instead of fucking like bunnies!

Note #4: “I’m not down with this Eva.” He sat up and swung his legs over the side of his chair. “This isn’t okay (pg 95).” Things have been tough, and Eva needs to get away. Gideon is taking a business trip to Arizona and he wants her to come with him. She doesn’t want to go, because she doesn’t want to be stuck in her room while she’s waiting for him to come back from his meetings. So she advises a different route. He’ll go to Arizona, and she’ll go to Vegas with Cary just to unwind. He agrees to this plan, but once they get there and she starts to talk to another businessman at the bar, a security guard comes over and ‘advises’ Eva to order her drink from her cabana or to have the man order from a different part of the bar. Gideon is having her followed. She tells Cary about it, and he says the quote above. I totally one hundred percent agree with him too. This isn’t okay, and I’m kind of happy on how Eva handled this situation.

Note #5: “Don’t twist this around (pg. 141).” In response to the whole Vegas situation, Gideon and Eva have a long discussion about it. He won’t relent on only allowing her to go to his clubs and use his cars so that he can always keep an eye on her. And he adds to her protests by saying “Is it so unforgivable that I hate taking my eyes off of you?” A sweet sentiment, but even she knows that he’s trying to twist this around so it makes him look like he’s just being protective. But he’s been doing this since they’ve met and it really annoyed me that she now just realized this.

Note #6: “I’d do anything he wanted. I would prove to him that I was his and only his. I would atone however he needed me to so he’d know I loved him (pg. 150).”
So as you can tell this quote really pissed me off. And that’s because of the context of this line. Eva and Gideon go out to a concert with her friend Shawna and his friend. It turns out the concert they go to is actually the band that she knew back in California. The lead singer and her had a thing going on that she isn’t exactly proud of and as she leaves the concert she runs into him and they kiss. Gideon and him get into a fight, and Eva is shocked. When Gideon and her get back together, he punishes her for her cheating and she says that line. I’m sorry, but she didn’t punish Gideon like this about the whole Corrine thing, and those two were engaged! I just… ugh.

Note #7: “Don’t treat me like a whore (pg. 182).” In the midst of her ‘punishment’ Gideon won’t let her come and she realizes that this action is really debasing. Seriously, you’re just NOW realizing this? Honey, he’s been treating you like a whore since the two of you met. Sure there are some tender moments here and there and both of you are tortured souls, but c’mon, this relationship isn’t really a relationship. It’s more of a possession thing.

The second half of the book gets better, but only just. After the punishment, they go away for the weekend and actually talk some things through. The weekend is interrupted when Cary gets attacked and ends up in the hospital. After that she doesn’t see Gideon again, and after a picture in the tabloids, she breaks up with him (YES!). But even that doesn’t last. It turns out her stepbrother was back in town and threatening her family and Gideon with pictures and videos of her. The police show up at Eva’s place and tell her that Nathan is dead. It isn’t until much later that she realizes – plus the detective tells her – that Gideon did it and the only reason he pushed her away was because of plausible deniability. Uh…whoa?

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. It’s been a really long time since I’ve wanted to throw a book across the room because of the ending/content. But because this book was on my iPad, I had to settle for screaming into a pillow and throwing that across the room. This book drove me insane, and I don’t even know how it can be topped.

Bookshelf worthy? Again I own it digitally.


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