Bared to You by Sylvia Day

BaredToYouTitle: Bared to You
Author: Sylvia Day
Series: Crossfire Quintet
Date Started: October 9
Date Finished: October 12
Format: ebook from my iBook library

This review is going to be slightly different from what I usually do. Instead of writing a brief summary and then my thoughts, I’m just going to start with my thoughts. This review will be heavy on the spoilers, it might also get a little crass not only because of content but because of my feelings.

Bared to You is one of those books that I have a love/hate relationship with. The story and the plot have something going for it, which is odd for an erotica novel, so that gives it some points. But otherwise…sigh. Let’s do a breakdown here.

Love: The Beginning
At the beginning of this book, you’re introduced to Eva Trammel, she’s a 24 year old woman who is starting her first job as a secretary when she runs into Gideon Cross who instantly takes her breathe away. After a few run ins with him, he comes onto her and asks her point blank if she is sleeping with anyone because he wants to ‘fuck her and make sure no one is standing in his way to do so.’ She resists him and his advances, which made my heart soar. Eva is a strong character who can resist a guy like Gideon, even though she has her own problems with self-esteem, jealousy and past that have left her less than whole. However, even she can’t deny that there’s something there between the two of them, and eventually caves in…

Hate: Eva
Wait, didn’t I just say that I loved her character in the paragraph above? Yes, but like I said, love/hate relationship. She may have been strong when resisting his advances, but once she gives in, she gives in all the way with all her insecurities. She gets jealous easily. She gets mad at the smallest things – although sometimes it is rightly so – and she runs away a lot of instead of staying with him and discussing her issues.

Love: Cary
Eva’s best friend and roommate is Cary and he is a fun character. He’s a model who’s also bi. He has his issues too, since that’s how Eva and him met was in group therapy, but he’s really down to earth, most of the time. He keeps Eva grounded in the weirdest way possible, but he’s the kind of guy that I would love to have in my life – just minus his relationship/drunken hook up issues.

Hate: Eva and Gideon’s relationship
So I get that this book is erotica, so there was going to be a lot of smut between these pages, but my God, why did that have to be their answer to everything? Seriously, it started to become a pattern. Gideon screws up (sex pad, Magdalene, etc.), Eva runs away, they argue very briefly, and then she ends up with his dick inside her. Honestly? At first I thought it was kind of hot, because the problems that they argued over were really stupid in some cases, but when that was the case after Eva tells Gideon about her past and what has her so fucked up… They ended up banging each other’s brains out. I’m sorry, that’s just not a healthy relationship.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. So, although this book did have its problems, it still was a real enjoyable read. I’m just kind of curious to see where Day takes this in the next book.

Bookshelf worthy? I have a digital copy.


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