Library Tuesday: 10/7

So now that I finally have figured out the whole personal life/job juggle (I think) I went to the library for the first time since September. This trip’s haul includes:

The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo: I read Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm last year, and I did pick up Ruin and Rising back in July, but when I started reading it I couldn’t remember what had happened in the last two books, so I returned it and decided to reread the whole trilogy. This is the first time since July that the whole series has been in at my library. So I wasted no time in pick them up.

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen: When I was getting into Sarah Dessen 11 years ago, I tried reading this one, but gave up. Now that I’m older I’m going to try and give it another go.

As always, Happy Reading!


About arkornylo

College grad, writer who's always suffering from some form of writer's block, hockey enthusiast, book lover, music junkie and graphic designer.
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