Revisited: Of Triton by Anna Banks

OfTritonTitle: Of Triton
Author: Anna Banks
Series: The Syrena Legacy
Previous Book(s) Review(s):
1. Of Poseidon
Date Originally Started: December 27, 2013
Date Originally Finished: December 29, 2013
Format: ebook from my iBook library

At the end of the last book, Galen and Toraf had come to the striking realization that Emma’s mother was not who she had claimed to be. She was, in fact, the missing Poseidon princess Nalia. When Of Triton begins, Emma has been kidnapped by her own mother because she is under the impression that Galen was sent on land not to find Emma and bring her back to his brother Grom, but to arrest Nalia for murdering Grom all those years ago. With a little help from Rachel and Emma, Galen is able to find them with Grom and Toraf in tow. Nalia can’t believe her eyes and things seem to be okay…

Except for the fact that Grom, despite his brother and sister’s protest, has already sealed his mating with Paca. So, Nalia, Grom, Galen, and Toraf decide to go back and show that Nalia is still alive and that Grom’s union with Paca needs to be unsealed. But when they get back, some of the trackers don’t recognize Nalia’s pulse, and Jagen – the power hungry ass – makes everyone question whether or not it really is Nalia and if the Royals are really fit to rule.

Although this book still had its tensing problems with the Galen POV chapters, I actually really liked this book more than the first one. Emma is a lot stronger in this book and not as whiny. Her reaction to Nalia and Grom being in love was typical of a daughter not used to her mother dating after the death of her father, but even she knew that and decided to let the two of them be happy. Galen’s controlling tendencies towards Emma were cute in a protective kind of way, but I really wished that Emma had put him in his place more than she did.

And Rachel! Oh, man, really Anna Banks? You do realize that you can go through one book without killing off a character, don’t you? *sigh*

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Better than the first one, and I’m starting to get used to the tensing in Galen’s POV chapters. Curious to see where Emma and Galen are going to go on their vacation.

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