Vampires of Manhattan by Melissa de la Cruz

512m7bomxbl-_sx326_bo1204203200_Title: Vampires of Manhattan
Author: Melissa de la Cruz
Series: The New Blue Bloods Coven
Date Started: September 13
Date Finished: September 14
Format: Hardcover from my own bookshelf

“Come to think of it, what was a happy ending after all? It wasn’t as if once the credits rolled and the lights came on or an author wrote, ‘The end,’ you stopped living, because there was so much more of life to live, wasn’t there?” pg. 110

So Melissa de la Cruz might have ended her Blue Bloods series back in 2013, but as the quote above states, life goes on for the characters she wrote about. In Vampires of Manhattan she picks up ten years later with Oliver about to take over as Regis for the new Blue Bloods coven, Mimi and Kingsley married but having a trial separation or the ‘Persephone clause,’ and a Venator by the name of Ara investigating the death of a mortal girl and the appearance of pentagrams.

Oliver and Finn – Schuyler’s half-sister – have been living happily together or so it seems. While putting together the Four Hundred Ball, Finn realizes that she isn’t as happy as she thought she was. She is tired of being considered ‘furniture’ by Oliver’s friends and she wants more out of life. Because of this turn, she makes a decision that could doom Oliver and the rest of the Blue Bloods. Oliver is trying to deal with the current investigation of the pentagrams and the death of the mortal girl, on top of becoming the new Regis of the coven. He’s afraid that his celebration of Lucifer’s defeat may be in vein, and he doesn’t want what happened last time before the War to happen this time.

Mimi is unhappy living in Hell with Kingsley. She wants to go back to New York and does, even though by doing so she is breaking her heart and Kingsley’s. Kingsley lets her go, for a second, before he realizes that she is his home, but before he reveals that he followed her back to New York he is thrown into a curious situation where the new club kids are taking a drug called ‘angel’s blood,’ where the effects resemble that of being a Blue Blood, which causes him to investigate.

This book was just amazing. I loved seeing where the characters have gone since Gates of Paradise and was kind of sort of happy that not all of them had their happy endings. My curiosity was peaked though when Chris brings up to Oliver and Mimi and Kingsley read in the Book of Hell that Lucifer could come back. At first when I read that I was furious, but then I thought about it. Jack came back, even though he was dead. Why couldn’t Lucifer? But I was kind of happy when the book didn’t go into that direction. I was kind of disappointed with Finn when she chose to bring Oliver and the coven to their doom. Was she really that unhappy? I mean, you read about it in the second part of the book, but wow. I still wasn’t expecting it. I also loved the introduction of the new character Ara. She’s pretty bad ass and I hope her relationship with Edon grows into something.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Loved it. Loved seeing the teenage characters grow up and how they moved on with their loves. Intrigued to see what the coven does now, and why exactly Oliver went to see Schuyler and Jack at the end of the book.

Bookshelf worthy? I went to three different bookstores to get my hands on this book. What do you think?


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