Revisited: City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

cassandra_clare_city_of_fallen_angels_book_coverTitle: City of Fallen Angels
Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: The Mortal Instruments
Previous Books in the Series:
1. City of Bones
2. City of Ashes
3. City of Glass
Date Originally Started: June 27, 2013
Date Originally Finished: June 28, 2013
Format: Hardcover from my shelf

My feelings about City of Fallen Angels – not only finding out about the book, but after reading it – can be summed up into this one GIF:tumblr_lyfr71ydQb1r2rbsm

After the way City of Glass ended I was kind of pissed to find out there were two – soon to be three – more books. Um…Cassandra Clare, there’s these things called happy endings in which the characters live happily ever after. Nothing else happens to them, and after the shit you put Clary and the gang through – don’t you think they deserve it? So what could you possibly have in store for them now?


Clary and Jace are together. Simon is dating not only Isabelle but Maia as well. Jocelyn and Luke are getting married. Alec is on vacation with Magnus and his parents seem to be okay with it. Okay, that’s not bad, but are you really wasting my time with this? You could have just written a novella and called it a day.

*continues to read*

Simon almost gets abducted twice. Jace is having dreams where he kills Clary constantly. Eventually that transpires to the waking world, causing him to spend less time with her. She thinks he’s trying to break up with her. The Seelie Queen shows up and causes more mayhem just because she could. Okay, see now this is interesting in a psychotic way. What the hell is going on Jace? I mean, seriously, like I said above, after everything they went through you’re going to place all this stress and strain on their relationship? Why??

But, if anything, Clare is an equal opportunist when it comes to torturing relationships. Isabelle and Maia find out about each other. Oh, and the guy who Turned Maia shows up to make sure Simon is adjusting to life as a vampire – and also to check on Maia. And Magnus’ ex-girlfriend drags back in the one happy couple that isn’t even in New York, the vampire Camille that causes even more problems.tumblr_inline_mld10bNgYf1qz4rgp

So, eventually it is revealed what is causing the bad dreams that Jace has been having. Apparently, when Jace was killed and then brought back to life by the Angel Raziel it broke the protection spells that were placed on him when he was a baby. These spells protected him from possession or persuasion by demons and warlocks. And the person who was sending these dreams to him turns out to be Lilith the baddest bitch ever.

I’ll admit when I first found out it was Lilith I was shocked. During the whole book I kept thinking that it was Sebastian – aka Clary’s brother Jonathon – who was sending these dreams to him. But…I guess in a way that it was him too since the whole reason Lilith was sending him the dreams was so she could bring Jonathon back to life.

In the end, the only issue I really had with this book was the character of Jace. I understood him in the first three books – he has daddy issues, the love of his life is really his sister, etc. – but in this book I wanted to shake him. As this ultimate Shadowhunter that he always claims himself to be, he’s really daft. I mean, he keeps pushing Clary away, even though she’s going to figure out that something is wrong with him. And then when he does figure out that the dreams he’s been having are being sent to him by a demon, he has a dream and then goes a head and does what the ‘dream Max’ tells him to do. Seriously? What. An. Idiot. tumblr_mjm8neXyXc1runifxo1_250

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. As much as I was shocked and appalled to find out that the first three books weren’t it for this series, it got really interesting there at the end. Especially the ending! Holy crap!! I also liked seeing the development of Alec and Clary’s relationship. For a guy who hated her – only because he was in love with Jace – they have really become good friends.

Bookshelf worthy? Still own the boxed set of the first five books so…


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